Monday, 25 July 2011

Fake Apple Stores spotted in China

When it comes to cars, China is currently the copycat capital of styling.  Designs from all sorts of other vehicles - from the Rolls Royce Phantom to the BMW X5 to the Smart car - have been unashamedly copied to almost the last detail.  Electronic ripoffs like fake Nokia branded cellphones are also commonplace.  But this one takes the cake: the Apple Store itself is being copied!  Apparently 5 outlets branded as Apple Stores in China were found to be trading without any license from Apple.

The look and feel of each of these stores is a very good recreation of any "genuine" Apple Store you would find.  There were some discrepancies in the fake stores, like spelling the word Stoer instead of Store, but these things would go unnoticed by most.  And to their credit, some of these stores were stocking genuine Apple merchandise.  You may just have a problem trying to claim on your warranty though.

Sometimes when a person takes this much of effort to copy something, is it not easier just to do it the legit way?  Could you not apply all this effort toward something original?  I mean, this seems like faking it for the sake of faking it.

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