Saturday, 16 July 2011

"If you marry for money, you will earn every cent"

So, many know about the unhappy and rather unholy union of Prince Albert of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock.  Reports were rife that she tried to run away 3 times, and that Prince Albert has 3, possibly 4 illegitimate children.  They apparently slept in different rooms during one of their honeymoon nights in South Africa too.  The press can exaggerate and be selective of the facts, but surely they can't generate each and every one of these allegations out of thin air.

Mere speculation and even facts aside, just look at any photo of her: the lady doesn't look happy. Women have a distinctive glow about them when they are about to marry.  Charlene, as a UK reporter put it, looked as if she was "sucking on a lemon" during her wedding.  Piece everything together and there is nothing that hints at a happy marriage, nothing.  It is more like a business transaction.

Don't get me wrong: I couldn't care less about celebrity marriages and their personal lives.  I came to learn about everything because I couldn't ignore it if I tried.  The front page of every paper was covering the scandal and everywhere you turned people were talking about it.  My interest in this is not because I particularly care for them, because to me they are people like anyone else.  My point of intrigue is that here is someone literally marrying a prince - a guy that most women would amputate an arm to marry - yet she looks like an undertaker.

Charlene's unhappiness is a lesson for all modern women: While it's better to have lots of money than too little, money on its own will not make you happy, and you cannot marry a man just for money.  Charlene will be earning her lifestyle by referring to someone that cheated on her many times and doesn't really give his heart to her as her "husband".  She will live in the same house as him and look at his face every day, and each time she does so the thoughts of his misdeeds will re-surface in her head.  No amount of all day spa treatments and getaways in Barbados will douse those thoughts.  You cannot fool yourself, as they say.  A fake marriage will hammer at the subconscious of any woman that engages in a shred of introspection.  The wise Dr Phil hit it on the head when he said: "If you marry for money, you will earn every cent."

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