Sunday, 10 July 2011

The start of...something

I never bought into blogs: I thought they were for those who couldn't cut the grade as real writers. Then I found myself following Seth Godin's blog (he's a world renown marketing author) every single week and it hit me: a blog is the best platform to share your knowledge, insights and general views, while at the same time building a scrapbook for your thoughts.

Like a photo album jogs your memory, a blog makes you step back and witness how you thought in the past.  "Was I really that naive?" or "I certainly had my moments" are the things one can blurt out when looking at a 2 year old blog post.  The evolution of your thought process is as beautiful as any physical event you may remember.  Any written piece is a snapshot of your thought process, and a blog used properly is the camera to take such a snapshot.

About me: I'm in my twenties and run a weekly bulletin and website that covers 2 things dear to us: health and wealth.  The cash generated from this endeavour is funneled into the stock market.  (Don't ask me for a recipe on how to beat the market because I don't have one; however I somehow win more than 50% of the time, so it must be my calling).

I've been writing on Microsoft Word and keeping my thoughts to myself for about 10 years now, and this blog marks my entry into a world where anything and everything is shared.  But I want to be different in what I share because most of what people share is garbage.  I'm not going to make personal rants, blow my trumpet or talk about what I ate for supper.   I will use this blog to express my worthwhile thoughts and make it a feed of worthwhile information.  It could be food for thought, chicken soup for the soul, a little how-to guide, or just a different take on things.

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