Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Your friends are the only ones you have

This week my friend Nishal was diagnosed with acute leukemia.  Leukemia is cancer of the blood.  Acute means it's severe.  His white blood cell count was found to be 32 times higher than a healthy person's.  At just 29 with a wife and 2 year old daughter, it's tragic for such a life-threatening disease to hit him.  We're all crossing fingers and hoping for the best, but the threat is there and at the moment his fate hangs in the balance.

I had my little tussles with Nishal - we didn't always agree on things.  But we never walked away from each other or hung up the phone on a bad note.  Thank goodness for that.  Just last week he looked a healthy as a horse then over the weekend something triggered the leukemia that apparently was lying dormant in him.  I'm not the most sentimental of people but I thought: what if the last encounter I had with Nishal before he had to be rushed to hospital was an ugly one?  He has been in isolation since being admitted into hospital and nobody can see him at the moment because an infection from one of us can end his life.

Your friends became your friends because your destinies are intertwined.  Friends do not come about by coincidence.  Even the best of friends have fights. That's fine.  But when you do have a fight, be quick to make amends.  It doesn't matter who was at fault.  Make it your duty in the friendship to be the one who extends the olive branch.  Life throws curve balls that nobody can foresee and by the time those curve balls come, often it's too late.

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