Thursday, 8 September 2011


I'm reading an article about the movie Contagion on  The Time article is not a review, but rather a brief analysis of the subject matter of the movie.  Contagion looks at what can happen if an airborne virus were to spread and our scientists couldn't come up with an answer quickly enough.  Excerpt:

"Unlike a natural disaster or a terrorist attack, infectious disease doesn't bring us together — it could well tear us apart, because coming together is exactly what would spread the disease."

Here's the link:,8599,2092269,00.html

The implications go beyond just human casualty actually.  The way society would break down and panic consumes the globe are also looked at in this movie.

I've talked about this many times with my dad: we haven't had a serious outbreak of an airborne virus and just what has stopped this from happening?  We were able to stop SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), thank heavens.  But one will always wonder when or if an unstoppable Mother-of-all-Viruses comes.  I'm off to see this movie now, because I am as fascinated by the demise of mankind as the next guy.

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