Monday, 26 September 2011

A poor workman always blames his tools

At least that's what my photography instructor says.  He points out that a poorly taken shot will look bad no matter how expensive the camera and no matter how good you are with Photoshop.  When someone blames their camera for not having enough megapixels or a large enough sensor, it is a sign that they are a poor photographer.  Then you will have others who don't edit their photographs because they say they can't afford Photoshop, when a free program like GIMP can do just about everything Photoshop can.

This adage extends way beyond photography though.  A Callaway club will not improve your golf swing.  If your swing is poor, it's your technique to blame, not your cheap clubs.  Men blame their tools even when it comes to the opposite sex.  "She only dates rich guys.  I don't have a sports car so I know she's out of my league."  I bet if you gave this same guy a Porsche tomorrow he still wouldn't be able to win Miss I-Only-Date-Rich-Guys over.  If he couldn't do it before the Porsche, post-Porsche will be no different.

Are you blaming your tools for the quality of work you produce?  Will Office 2010 really make you better at what you do than Office 2007?  Will Windows 8 complement your abilities where Windows 7 failed?  Nobody makes bad things these days.  There is no bad golf club, there are no bad cars, there are no bad cameras, there is no bad office suite.  There is nowhere to hide a deficiency in ability any longer.

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