Tuesday, 6 September 2011

"You have to"

"You have to get A's at school, get into university and earn a good in-demand qualification."
"You have to go to college else you will forever be in a low wage job."
"You have to work at Company X if you want to be an accredited ________."
"You have to study further after finishing university if you want to stand out from the other people that have a degree like you."
"You have to be assertive in the workplace if you want to get anywhere."
"You have to work harder than anyone else to prove yourself."
"You have to have a long term plan."
"You have to invest in a reputable mutual fund."

These compulsory sentiments may sound irrefutable and make perfect sense at the surface, but they are also very single tracked and stifling.  They effectively dictate your life to you if you just listen to them.  They are presented as fact but they're really opinion.  Following them without your own assessment will lead you down the same boring middle class path as the people who tell you that "you have to."

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