Monday, 17 October 2011

Abs without the (physical) effort

From mid September to mid October I fast.  In this fast I don't eat any meat.  Inevitably this means my fat intake is lower during this period.  Whatever little fast food I eat is eliminated completely during this period as pickings are slim for vegetarians at any eatery or restaurant.  So it's mostly home cooked meals like stir fries, pasta and the like that keep me going during this month of fasting.

I train/gym at least four days a week, and while I focus a lot on my midriff that six pack has eluded me.  During my month of fasting I continued my training regimen and guess what, my stomach started flattening to the point of where a four pack is clearly discernibe.  (Hey, progress before perfection.  Those lower abs are stubbornly hiding behind my fat.)  I'm convinced now that the adage that abs are made in the kitchen is most definitely true.  There is no point in working out like a possessed Spartan if you aren't going to eat right.  In most cases, people eat too much carbohydrates and meat.  It's about balancing your calories, carbohydrates and fat intake.  If that sounds too complicated then let me put it simply: eat less meat, less fried food and less fast food.  Here in another post I detail most of the foods you should be eating if you want to reduce your waistline.  Six pack here I come.

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