Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Clint Eastwood: It's halftime, America

Clint Eastwood narrates this Chrysler ad that was shown during halftime of the Superbowl.

Chrysler hit the sweet spot as they used their Superbowl slot to relate to the average American like no other car maker can:

• Recession hits in 2008
• Like the people of America, auto makers Chrysler and General Motors were hit hard and needed some outside help to keep going
• Government approves a stimulus package for the people, as well as a bailout for Detroit auto makers (and the banks, lest we forget)
• Progress is slow, but like the American people, Chrysler is pulling together and "fighting back"

Then the ad goes on to rally America together and Clint Eastwood proclaims that "Detroit is showing that it can be done.  And what's true about them is true about all of us."  Chrysler is emphasizing a connection and commonality with Americans that no foreign car maker has, which is something that American car makers have to do more often (on top of making competitive vehicles of course).  Detroit cannot beat Germany at being Germany - they will lose in a head on battle with Mercedes, BMW and Audi.  This ad however can almost make you forgive the technical shortcomings of Chrysler's and indeed other American automobiles.

While I believe the Germans are too far ahead and hold too many competitive advantages over Detroit - especially at the upper end - I must say I've never seen a car ad as rousing as this one.  This ad was conceived to make Americans believe in their auto industry again and I think it does a great job of that.  And nobody embodies the essence of grit and America like Dirty Harry.  This here is an ad worth watching.

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