Saturday, 11 February 2012

Robot balancing itself on a bike

I bumped into this rather cute video of a robot that can cycle and maintain it's own balance.  I'm no scientist, but from what I can glean it uses a combination of a gyroscope and algorithms to maintain balance, while its direction and speed is controlled by a human with a remote control.

With all the talk about robots replacing humans and possibly even taking over the world, it's nice to see a useful, novel application of robotics being demonstrated.  Robots can assist with many challenges we face, and as long as universities rather than corporations are leading the way in this field, they will change so many things for the better.  They can improve food production and take care of menial jobs that no person likes to do, like taking out the trash.  The robot below shows that this future is not far away.

The next step, says the below-mentioned robot's creator, is to have it cycle autonomously without any human controlling direction or speed...

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