Wednesday, 28 March 2012

A fermenting idea

If there's an idea you fancy, be careful with what you do with it immediately after conceiving it.  You can keep it in your head, implement it, talk about it or forget it.  Alongside sharing your idea with someone cynical though, the greatest harm you can do to an idea is to perpetually think about it (i.e. keep it in your head).  When you think about something too much, you give your mind the time to ponder every possible angle and permutation.

• What if the idea is already taken?
• What if the market is saturated?
What if people think it's a dumb idea?
• What if my costs escalate beyond what I budgeted?
• How would failure affect my standing with my peers, friends, family and acquaintances? 
• What if the competition steals my idea?
• What if my existing competitors have superior funding?
What if my marketing strategy doesn't entice people?
• What if customers don't pay accounts and I fall into negative cashflow?
 What if I just invested my money in a nice mutual fund instead with much lower risk?
• What if I put my idea on hold and just pay my mortgage off first?

The list of doubts can be extended pages down if given ample time.  Excessive thinking inevitably leads you down a road that stops with a dead-end sign. You may feel that it's pragmatic to think things through and have all bases covered, and to a degree that's correct.  However you can ponder and research for years, even decades, and you still won't have mitigation for every possibility.  This is what I call thinking yourself into a hole.  Thinking has to stop at the inflection point where analysis turns to doubt and paranoia.  You don't need many reasons not to do something; just one compelling reason is enough to stop you.  The thing is there's always a compelling reason not to action any idea.

An idea locked in the chamber of your mind and suffocated from physical expression will ferment and rot into a wishful fantasy that gets written off.  The best part is you will be convinced it wasn't a feasible idea to start off with.

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