Sunday, 18 March 2012

When is the ideal time to start?

However hopeless you may feel the situation currently is, however far away your end goal may be, just begin.  Right now.  Daily effort will produce dramatic results in even three months.  It can be fitness, financial or personal.  The only time to ever do anything is today.

You may think the best time to start is when:
• You're out of debt.
• After you complete your degree.
• The economy improves.
• You have saved enough cash to cover all contingencies
• You have a clear road map to success detailing every step of the journey

Will there ever be such a time?  Even if these Utopian circumstances did come, it's still no guarantee of success.

The platforms available to you leave you with little reason not to start immediately.  You've never had this much information available to you.  You've never had so many free mediums to promote and disseminate to others.  This time we live in, thanks to the ever evolving internet, has freed us.  Problem is that most people are still imprisoned in their minds.  The rules have changed - very much in your favour.  It's not only more plausible to act, it's also never been this convenient.

You don't have any guarantees that success will manifest, but neither did anybody else who embarked on any worthwhile pursuit.  We can debate and philosophize all day about when the ideal time to start is, but there's never an ideal time.  This is why success is what it is: it's meant to be hard, it's meant to be uncertain.  It wouldn't feel like success if it wasn't either of these things.

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