Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Pause before you eat

Much has been sacrificed for the food we eat, but we're so pre-occupied with our work and goals in life that we forget how much it takes for just one meal to come together...which you then proceed to finish in 15 minutes.  Most of us treat our sustenance as our birthright.  Sure, nobody should be starving, but the fact is a lot of people do while most of us - in spite of the hardships we may face - have it much easier than those given the shorter straws in life.

Every ingredient on your plate took a long, incredible journey to get there.  That one cob of corn was planted as a seed in specially treated soil, watered and then harvested only after several months.  Once harvested it went to a distribution centre and from there found its way to your supermarket shelf.  Then one Saturday morning you just walk past and plonk it into your trolley. 

Give a thought to the cow that gave it's life (and probably endured agony from birth to slaughter) for you to have that steak fillet, and to the chicken that was bred just to give you a Saturday lunch.  In fact, from today, give 20 seconds before you start eating absolutely any meal to ponder the road each ingredient took to get to your plate.  The innovations of commercial farming and retailing make it so convenient for you and me to eat an unprecedented diversity of foods, but in the same vein it's no small feat and in a world where people starve, should never go unrecognised.

Now, you don't need to ponder the entire supply chain in that 20 seconds; the idea of this is to give a brief acknowledgement of the people, plants and animals that either gave their sweat, fruit or lives before you eat.  You will enjoy your meal that much more if you do.  

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