Sunday, 22 July 2012

The reality facing all content creators

It can take months, years to create something.  Sacrifice, capital outlay and countless re-works of the same chapter or scene will occur; and within a few days of release a verdict on your work will be reached.  Quick verdicts are thanks to social media and numerous review aggregators like Rotten Tomato (movies) and IGN (games).  (Aggregators combine reviews from multiple sources and provide an average score with accompanying summarized comments of all those reviews.)  

For the most part though, the verdict is usually more fair than before due to the greater number of reviewers that opine on the same piece of work.  Criticism may be as harsh as ever, but it's also more democratic.

Just beware that thousands of hours worth of work can be rejected back to you to within days of release.  That's the risk all content creators take in the age of digital media.  The flip side is if something is good it can spread quicker and sell more than ever before, at minimal promotional cost to you.

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