Tuesday, 10 July 2012

A visualization of how much Apple is worth

In a world where crazy news is heard every day there's little that amazes us.  Man walks on a tightrope over the Niagara Falls without safety harness: boring.  Woman gives birth to eight kids: yawn.  Even Apple passing Microsoft in market capitalization value is old news.  Market capitalization doesn't provide the full picture though; surpassing Microsoft or Exxon Mobil on the stock exchange only tells part of the story.  The size of Apple, and critically their profitability (because not every huge company is very profitable), needs to be contextualized and visualized to be fully appreciated.

• 47% profit margin.
• Revenues the size of the entire gross domestic product (GDP) of New Zealand.  So take the value of absolutely everything sold in New Zealand over a year and it will closely approximate the annual revenue of Apple. 
• Average sales per Apple Store: $50 million.
• Growth driven mostly by the iPhone and iPad (but lets not forget it's the iPod that got the ball rolling).

Apple size infographic

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