Tuesday, 28 August 2012

A camera that captures 1 trillion frames per second...and sees around corners

The art/science of photography is set for the biggest change since the advent of the single lens reflex camera.  Femto-photography is the term used to describe ultra high speed imaging and is something that will do much more than make our images prettier.

Salient points:

• Head researcher Ramesh Raskar and his MIT team are able to capture 1 trillion frames per second with this technology.  In the video below you will be able to witness the movement of light traversing across a Coke bottle.
• Using computer processing and the photons that every object reflects, femto-photography can re-build an image that isn't directly in its line of sight.  This means it can 'see' something that's around the corner.
• Future possible applications envisaged by Raskar for femto-photography are exciting:
- You could tell whether a fruit in the supermarket is rotten inside without cutting it open.
- Doctors can identify clogs in arteries without invasive instruments (seeing from the outside).
- Firemen would be able to identify where victims are trapped in a burning house.

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