Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Infographic: The $15 trillion American economy

In spite of the global slowdown and relatively high unemployment it faces, America is the world's biggest economy by far and its numbers are still impressive by most economic measures.  If wealth could be better distributed (without initiating free handouts); if the American public at large would choose Science and quality literature over the NFL and Kim Kardashian; and if America's deficit could be reduced by way of contracted military spending, then the U.S. will easily be the best economy for decades yet.

Salient points:

• The U.S economy is twice the size of China's, which is the world's second largest economy.
• Canada, not China, is America's largest trading partner.
• Petroleum, chemicals and food are the three biggest industries.
• In 2010 $552 billion worth of new vehicles were sold.

US economy infographic

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