Saturday, 11 August 2012

The concept of war summarized by a Reddit commentator

"It's kind of funny how governments can always maintain their power by creating foreign bogeymen to distract the population.  Everyone is focused on an external threat instead of looking at the problems in their own countries, and how their governments are mismanaging things.

Imagine that you're hanging out with a group of people and just one person in your group keeps talking shit to another group of people. In that other group of people, there's only one trouble maker as well, trying to convince them that they need to man up and start a fight with your group.  Everyone else just wants to have a good time.  How stupid would it be to start an all-out brawl just because of the ego of that one person in each group?  That's what war is.  Governments using their entire nation to settle vendettas with other governments.

The typical Israeli and Iranian would have absolutely no beef with each other if they met.  The same goes for Americans and Iranians.  I'm an American, and I have liked every Iranian I've ever met.  There's nothing about our cultures that should cause us to be enemies, at all.  In fact, we would benefit a lot from learning about the other country's culture.  It's our governments that are setting us against each other.  The last thing our governments want is for us to see each other as just fellow human beings, brothers and sisters on this planet.  That would mess everything up."

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