Sunday, 30 September 2012

A bartender can now influence who becomes president

Most have heard about the leaked video of Mitt Romney's fund raiser.  In it he dismisses 47 percent of Americans as dependent on government and unwilling to take responsibility for their own lives.  With Romney already trailing in the polls, the leak of this clip saw his ratings drop further, now very likely beyond the point of no return.  In fact this clip has been viewed three times more than Romney's Republican National Conference speech.

Yes, a carefully planned, multi-million dollar convention with weeks of preparation behind it was outdone by an opportunistic recording done on a mobile phone.  The identity of the cameraman hasn't been disclosed, but based on the peripheral angle and distance from which it was filmed, it was definitely not one of the invitees.  The Atlantic says it was the bartender. Watch below:

Not long ago an incumbent's campaign team could easily quash an unfavorable claim made by a "normal" citizen.  They would accuse the claimant of seeking attention and assisted by mainstream media the story would be brushed under the carpet.  The layperson had no medium to reach any decent number of people.

Now with YouTube, video cameras on every phone and broadband there's nowhere to hide and the wrong soundbite can see you brought to your knees by anybody with the right presence of mind.  This is the type of empowerment the Internet gives every single person and this is exactly why it needs to remain unregulated and independent.  It's our one and only portal for the truth.

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