Tuesday, 11 September 2012

A revolutionary sheet of paper that will soon be in all supermarkets (and your fridge)

Developed by Kavita Shukla, FreshPaper was inspired by a visit to her grandmother in India.  While there, Shukla somehow mistakenly consumed some undrinkable tap water. Without panic her grandmother whipped up an unappetizing looking drink that was supposed to neutralize any adverse effects.  Despite her skepticism, Shukla drank the concoction and it worked - no stomach pains or diarrhoea.  She discovered that the blend of spices her grandmother used in the drink had anti-bacterial properties.  This basic recipe was then adapted to create a paper that slows down decay in foods.

Salient points:

- 25% of the world's food supply is lost through spoilage (food going rotten).
- FreshPaper is very easy to use: Just place the fruit or vegetable on a sheet of FreshPaper and you're done, no wrapping.
- Very simply, it works.  This video will show a clear difference between food exposed to FreshPaper and food that isn't.

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