Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Infographic: The harmful effects of multitasking

It's not just the volume of information we take in: it's the way we consume it that's reducing our ability to think, remember and keep stress at bay.  We're taking in multiple streams of data simultaneously and it's a practice that has to be curtailed if your sanity is to remain intact.

Salient Points:

• When you're overloaded, your brain goes into fight or flight mode and shuts down the regions that deal with empathy.
• We can switch between 2 tasks at most.  Any more and your accuracy and memory suffer, not to mention the increase in stress levels.
• Multitaskers choose extraneous information i.e. distractions over task-related information.  It's almost like your brain asking for respite.

Digital Stress and Your Brain

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