Sunday, 4 November 2012

Opportunity doesn't care about your preferences

A popular parable goes like so:

Heavy rain hits a town and people are advised by authorities to urgently evacuate.  An elderly man is sitting on his porch watching the rain come down, when his neighbor packing his vehicle notices him.  The neighbor approaches the elderly man to suggest that he packs his essentials up and moves out, to which the old man replies: "Don't worry, God will save me."  Then just before leaving the neighbor offers the old man a place in his car, but the old man simply waves his neighbor off and wishes him well.

As the water level rises, the elderly man finds himself going upstairs because the ground floor is now flooded.  Rescuers arrive on a boat, but he turns them away proclaiming that God will be the one who saves him.  A few hours later a helicopter scouring for survivors notices the old man on the roof of his house, about to be engulfed by a river of water in minutes.  The helicopter drops a rope ladder and a rescue worker promptly climbs down.  Yet again the old man simply says: "I will be fine, God will save me."

Minutes later his house is submerged and the old man drowns.  In heaven he encounters God and is anxious to know why God left him in his time of need. "I placed all my faith in you and you let me drown.  Why didn't you save me?"  God responded, "My child, I sent your neighbor, a boat and a helicopter to save you.  I tried to save you three times."

Often you have opportunities and half-chances presented to you, but if you're too rigid in the way you expect them to occur you will be oblivious to them.  Such people often refer to themselves as "unlucky."   You can control the way you act, but the cosmic intelligence which bends coincidences and circumstances in your favor seldom manifests events in line with your limited expectations.  Don't bother trying to predict how things will occur, rather learn to notice when they occur.  The one who is open minded enough to recognize this is the one many would refer to as "lucky."

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