Saturday, 29 December 2012

The importance of fitness in business and work

"Bear in mind...the importance of physical fitness -- keeping fit will help you to remain a creative, agile thinker.  In the past few months my children Sam and Holly and I have completed challenges including climbing Mont Blanc, which is the highest mountain in Western Europe, and taking part in the London Triathlon." - Richard Branson

There's more to fitness than being physically attractive.  A fitter person has better blood circulation, which in turn means there's a better flow of oxygen to their brain.  Therefore they're literally more alert and energetic.  If you feel lethargic (and have no pre-existing conditions) there are 3 aspects of your life you need to interrogate:

- The amount of sleep you're getting.
- Your diet. What you eat for lunch is key when it comes to your working day. (Does the term sugar rush sound familiar?)
- Your fitness level.

Take the time to exercise at least three times a week for an hour at a time.  Push your heart rate and make that body sweat.  While most are partial towards the gym, your exercise regimen can include running with your dog or swimming in your pool at home.  Make it fun and do what works for you: if you find your workout boring you're likely to give up on it. 

Few things feel better than that period of calm after your body has been physically exerted. Your mind will be tranquil yet sharp the day after your workout as you notice your creativity and productivity levels effortlessly increasing.

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