Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Make the time for the things you love

In adult life it seems there are always commitments and obligations you must meet before you can do the things you enjoy: fix the broken curtain rail, complete that report for your boss, buy cleaning agents for the home, wash the car... Passions and interests are seen as nothing more than part-time hobbies by most people.  They're things to be indulged in during those few spare hours on the weekend.

You can't treat the things you love as activities to do when you have nothing "important" left on your list, however.

Your passion is the screaming answer from God to the question: "What am I here to do?"  We all have different interests and strengths (they're usually the same thing) and those strengths and interests are God's plan for each of us.  You need to uncover this plan by committing time, discipline and energy to the things you enjoy.  In short, passion needs to be taken seriously.

Your life needs to come to the stage where you primarily do what interests you 9-5, while the other obligatory stuff gets done with the time that remains.  Being driven by obligations and commitments may seem noble, but in essence it's a reactive approach where your life becomes an unrelenting cycle of perpetually plugging holes as you do little more than keep your nose above water.  As pointed out in The Happy Uprising"More days in the year are spent on meeting that one last deadline or giving that one last push than on living life itself."

Committing time and prioritizing the activities you love will allow you to synchronize your passion with your livelihood, which is the most fundamental pillar to being happy.  You work for at least eight hours a day, so work has to be done for the right reasons.

The wise and successful know that your passion is meant to be the driving force in your life, where it's something you feel seven days a week and not just on weekends.

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