Sunday, 13 January 2013

My Book, The Happy Uprising, is now on Kindle

In spite of repeating “think positive” affirmations to themselves and the appearances many people put up, it’s easy to see that they’re unhappy for the most part.  They speak and behave as if they love life, yet when Monday looms you can hear the dread in their voices.  Their positivity is only transient, usually limited to weekends.

People take a very passive approach to fulfillment: they want to change the small things like using positive vocabulary and reserve their joy and passion for the weekends; meanwhile they accept the greatest source of their stress as a given that cannot be changed: work.  

I was always tentatively happy at best until I became self-powered and financially independent.  My view is simple: you can't be truly happy as long as you're working for someone else.  And this is the first pillar that I base my book The Happy Uprising on.  To quote a paragraph:

“We work for most of our waking lives, so if you are experiencing stress and health related problems, then perhaps you need to examine the stresses your occupation is placing on your life.  Dr. Paul J. Rosch, Chairman of the Board of the American Institute of Stress, points to jobs as the leading source of stress for adults.  Because so many companies have downsized, those who remain employed are expected to work longer hours and each day becomes a race against the clock that only really ends when they reach retirement age.  The way we make our living is a prime suspect for discontent, frustration and burnout.”

Getting a hobby, adopting a different mental outlook, exercise and stress management techniques are fixes that patch over the underlying problem, but the problem itself isn’t being tackled with these fixes - they only provide temporary relief.  Using creativity, passion and financial pragmatism, The Happy Uprising will show you how to carve a new way forward based on the premise that work can be fun, collaborative and rewarding…it has to be if you are to call this life worthwhile.

Yet life isn’t only about work.  Our minds are restless and chaotic, bodies out of shape and lethargic, and the quest for finding meaning in life has been doused in most people. These pillars also need a strong presence in your life if you are to call yourself happy, and I share concise, useable methods on strengthening these pillars.

To quote one more sentence: “Happiness is as much a state of doing as it is a state of mind.”  This then is a book about bringing happiness into being rather than merely wishing for it.

The Happy Uprising can be had on Kindle for a very reasonable price (depending on your location), by clicking here.

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