Sunday, 25 August 2013

Create more, tweet less

Whatever your industry, it's the question that inevitably comes up when the conversation turns to marketing and promotion: "What's your social media strategy?"  Marketing cannot be ignored, but amidst the social media craze people are forgetting that marketing is a layer that's built on the foundation of a great product or piece of work.

Said Bryan Adams of songwriting: "Social media is a giant distraction to the ultimate aim, which is honing your craft as a songwriter. There are people who are exceptional at it, however, and if you can do both things, then that's fantastic, but if you are a writer, the time is better spent on a clever lyric than a clever tweet."

You and your wares need an online presence for people to detect you -- being off the grid is disadvantageous.  People are misplacing their efforts however when they spend more time promoting than creating.  If you're garnering 'likes' or 'followers' then you aren't working at your craft.  Your can't do both simultaneously and while active promotion is an undeniable pillar of selling your product, it also fragments your concentration when you are trying to create something to actually sell.  Social media updates and hype-building are not going to write your song, book or business plan.

Social media activity needs a block of time each week allocated to it.  In my opinion it shouldn't be something you spend time on every day.  Spending hours 'networking' online can be a low yield exercise.  To a degree one must also let serendipity play its role: Where one person finds your work, appreciates it then enthuses about it to their peers and friends.  The Internet and yes, social media, are great enablers of this.  But the sharing needs to be left to others, because realistically you can't control what people choose to share.  This type of organic reputation cannot be bought by posting Facebook updates or tweets, it can only occur when there's something exceptional worth talking about.

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